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Everything you wish you knew before going on a Group Tour

Thinking of going on a group tour? They’re the perfect way to explore without the hassle of planning and organising every little thing. While travel can always be done alone, this way you’re guaranteed to make some amazing friends from all over the world. Whether this is your first tour or not – I bet there were some things you wish you’d prepared for. So;

What do you wish you knew before going on a group trip?

? Set yourself a budget – but still be spontaneous!

Whether it comes to the tour activities, or how much to spend on food you should always try to set yourself a daily budget so that you can keep yourself in check. Research your tours optional activities beforehand and figure out what you would want to do and where you’d want to be a bit stricter on yourself. In saying that, there’ll always be those moments where your tour mates will come up with some amazing idea that costs a little extra – spontaneity will be one of your greatest memories, so leave some room for flexibility!

?‍?‍? Learn to deal with annoying people

In my experience, every tour has that one person that can drive you up a wall. It’s human nature, you can’t get along with every single person – but with group tours you just have to learn to live with them. They aren’t going anywhere, and either are you, so you can’t let every little thing get to you. You can avoid them; it is your holiday after all – just do so in a way that isn’t going to make other people uncomfortable.

?‍? Be patient

Again, not everyone you’re travelling with is going to be the best traveller. With so many new personalities to take on board you can’t be too short tempered with people.

? Make a private Facebook group

Not only is creating a group a great way to stay in touch after your tour, but it also gives you all a space to keep up to date with what everyone’s doing/planning when you aren’t together. People can pitch ideas and see who’s interested and you can share all of the great pictures taken throughout the day. As a solo traveller I personally love sharing the pictures I take of other people and seeing the pictures people take of me!

Some group tours I’ve travelled with create Facebook groups for you before the tour starts. This is a perfect way to get to know some of the people you’ll be travelling with, and a great way to find people to room-share with if you need! 

? Split the costs

There are a lot of things you can split the costs with your tour mates – laundry powder, washing machines, groceries, alcohol – everything has that possibility to be cheaper!

? Give yourself some alone time

As an introverted person, I know that spending a lot of time with other people can be physically draining. When you feel like you need some alone time – just go for it. On some trips I’ve been on people chose to have a sleep in, a little Netflix time or just like to go on walks by themselves, and everyone gets it – we all need time to ourselves.

?️ Speak up & don’t compromise on what you want

Yeah it’s a group trip, but it’s still your holiday. Before you go on the trip have a think about what you really want to get out of it and don’t compromise on that. If there’s something you want to see or want to do, make it known and don’t just follow whatever everyone else is doing. It’s more likely than not that someone else will want to do it too!

? You’re going to get drunk

There’ll be at least one night where you and your tour mates will decide to get absolutely plastered, and why not?! It’ll be an amazing time and a great way to bond with all of these new strangers, and you’ve got safety in numbers on your side. Just consider the possible repercussions, you don’t want a hangover ruining a day of travel!

? Keep your suitcase neatly packed

When you first start packing for your trip you should think about what it’s going to be like when you’re taking out an outfit for the day so that you wont have to dig around and completely unpack and re-pack every day. A clean roommate is a good roommate.

? Pack a laundry bag

Group travel often means a lot of outfit repeating, everyone knows you only have a select amount of clothes packed with you – but no one wants to see their roommate’s dirty clothes hanging about their bedroom. Getting a laundry bag means you can keep your unmentionables unmentioned, and when you go to get your laundry done it’s all there in one place. Also! It means you wont have your clean clothes mixed up with your dirty ones.

? You’re going to make amazing new friends

Spending so much time together in a short period of time, it’s impossible to leave without making some incredibly strong bonds with people from all around the world!

? You’ll get those post travel blues BAD

I get the post travel blues after pretty much every trip I take part in but group trips are something else. Suddenly all of your new best friends are gone, your roommate/s are gone, and there’s a lot of teary goodbyes. Take advantage of the travel bug that sticks with you here – get out and enjoy yourself!

What do you wish you knew before going on a group tour?

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    Lyn aka The Travelling Lindfields.
    26/07/2017 at 5:03 am

    I like the idea of creating a Facebook group. Speaking up when to want to do something doesn’t always come easy but is so important.

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