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2018 has really brought back the travel bug in me… 2019 is going to be an interesting year!

1. Went to the Macklemore concert for my 23rd birthday

2. Booked flights to Byron Bay and stayed with new friends in an airbnb – spending our long weekend on the beach and drinking

3. Got my first tattoo – NZ inspired

4. Had NZ visitors in Sydney – we explored the zoo, the harbour bridge and Manly

5. Saw the 360 concert with PEZ

6. Did the Bondi to Bronte walk and witnessed a real life Bondi Rescue

7. Went for a walk up to Watson’s Bay Lighthouse

8. Flew over to Wellington to reunite with a friend for a Disco 21st

9. Went up the Wellington Cable car

10. Had a delicious breakfast at Nero Cafe in Wellington (twice)

11. Stayed with friends in Christchurch and took a day trip out to She Universe for the best hot chocolate in New Zealand – there were amazing views of Governor’s Bay!

12. Went to the Machine Gun Kelly concert

13. Did the Spit to Manly walk

14. Flew to Rome to start my 5week adventure with Busabout

15. Made a new friend and explored the Colosseum, the Palentine Hill and The Roman Forum

16. Explored the Aventine Keyhole, Trevi Fountain and the Panthenon

17. Ate pasta and drank Spritz across from Piazza Venezia

18. Took in the view from the top of Piazza Venezia (AMAZING)

19. Took in the view from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

20. Walked around the Duomo

21. Got some amazing gelato around Florence’s shopping area

22. Took some wine and snacks down to Ponte Vecchio for a picnic

23. Went clubbing in Space Bar

24. Explored La Spezia

25. Did the 2hour cliff-side hike from Monterrosso to Vernazza

26. Had the greatest chocolate gelato of my life along the Vernazza sea-side

27. Explored Manarola  and Riomaggoire

28. Spent the morning walking around the stunning Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

29. Flew up to Amsterdam to meet up with my tour-mates from my Haka Tour in 2016

30. Visited the Van Gogh museum and walked along the canals

31. Visited the Bull Dog Cafe

32. Took an evening canal cruise in Amsterdam

33. Visited the Avocado Cafe for breakfast! YUM

34. Went for a drink at the Ice Bar in Amsterdam

35. Swung over the top of Amsterdam at the ADAM Lookout

36. Flew to Athens

37. Explored the Acropolis while taking in the views of Athens

38. Met my Busabout crew at a rooftop bar in Athens – we could see the Acropolis!

39. Started my Busabout Greece tour and got the ferry to Paradise Bar in Mykonos

40. Walked around the white and blue streets of Mykonos

41. Took a look at the famous Mykonos Windmills and Little Venice

42. Got up to photograph the sunrise with ItsWorthAShot (who happened to be in Mykonos as well!)

43. Had a traditional Greek meal, learnt to dance, and smashed plates

44. Went to a karaoke bar in Paros – I even sang…

45. Went on a day cruise, jumped off our boat and swam through caves in Anti-Paros

46. Went out for dinner overlooking the Santorini views

47. Bought myself a Phastos Disc bracelet

48. Played drinking games at our hostel before going out into Santorini’s nightlife

49. Got up and explored Red Beach

50. Ran down the donkey trail in Santorini to try and make our ferry on time

51. Got the ferry to Santorini Volcano and explored the craters

52. Jumped off the boat and swam to the hot springs, and covered ourselves in the “therapeutic” mud

53. Went to the famous Oia view for sunset

54. Climbed over a barbed wire fence into the castle ruins for the perfect private view of the Oia sunset

55. Explored Oia

56. Played drinking games at our hostel and then went out clubbing in Santorini

57. Hung out by the beach in Ios

58. Went to a silent disco (it was amazing!)

59. Did the 7shot challenge at Escobar and got a singlet

60. Went to the Slammer Bar for the Slammer shot (I got hit with a skateboard)

61. Spent one last night together in Athens

62. Explored Venice canals

63. Made a new friend in Venice and hung out around the hostel

64. Explored Venice, and got the delicious gelato at Suso

65. Took an island hopping tour to Murano, known for glass blowing

66. Cruised to Torcello and climbed to the top of the tower

67. Visited Burano for my second time, the colourful island

68. Met up with friends from my Greece tour in Rome, and watched them buy, use and destroy a skateboard

69. Walked around Trevi fountain by night, and threw in a coin

70. Ate dinner right underneath the Pantheon

71. Took a Modus Brewery tour and tasting with work

72. Tried Creme Brûlée cones at Uncle Tetsu’s

73. Watched the Blood Moon at 4am with Caterina

74. Became a regular guest at the Sydney Ice Dogs games and then hung out with the team

75. Went to the Australian Museum and Art Gallery with my brother

76. Flew to Japan to explore Fukushima

77. Had freshly made Ramen while overlooking Mount Bandai

78. Went kayaking in Lake Hibara

79. Had an izakaya-style dinner

80. Explored Tsuruga Castle and took in the panoramic views from the top

81. Explored the unique Ouchi-juku and had their famous soba noodles with a leek chopstick

82. Was on the news in Japan

83. Stayed in my own traditional-Japanese style room (Kunigidaira Hotel)

84. Went wake-boarding for the first time on Lake Inawashiro

85. Went rock climbing at Adatara Actvive Park

86. Checked into OMO5 Otsuka with my own yagura style room

87. Explored Harajuku and for some rainbow fairy floss

88. Went to Sirochige’s Cream Puffs for their famous Totoro shaped cream puffs

89. Joined in on a traditional tea ceremony

90. Stayed at the INCREDIBLE Hoshinoya Tokyo

91. Went to Teamlab Planets Tokyo for their incredible interactive exhibits

92. Went to the Reissue cafe for a coffee with Totoro shaped froth

93. Went to the Ball Park & San Cisco concert at Luna Park with Ruby Fields

94. Saw the Last Dinosaurs concert

95. Got my Motorbike License

96. Went on a girls trip to the Hunter Valley

97. Went to the Skegss concert

98. Slept over at the Zoo for the Taronga Roar and Snore – we fed giraffes at breakfast!

99. Went to the Blue Mountains for the day and explored Lincoln’s Rock and Wentworth Falls

100. Went to the Ruby Fields concert

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