I am a 20-something Australian Freelance Travel Writer & Photographer focused on promoting solo & budget travel for backpackers around the world. Providing destination guides, movie sites, photo spots and my overall recommendations!

My first flight across the world was when I was just 4months old, so the travel bug is well and truly entrenched! Since then I’ve continued my journeys around the world, writing and photographing along the way for as long as I’ve known how to. These stories will hopefully provide a guide for other avid travellers, or new travellers who are still finding their way.

My first solo journey started straight after high school when I embarked on my gap year around Northern America and Western Canada. So many people from school doubted I would ever leave, but little did they know that this was just the start of my travelling addiction. This trip was also my first experience as a travel writer – I created on-the-go content for publications such as BoundRoundViews on Top and my own personal blog that has now become this.

After returning home I quickly quit my “day job” at Maccas and pursued travel journalism full time. I continued to write and take photographs for publications such as Yahoo7! TravelOut and About with Kids MagazineTravel MonitorFlight Centre, and expanding my own blog THATraveller.com. Would you believe that THATraveller started as a Tumblr blog?!

Having completed various photography courses already I was able to incorporate my love for landscape photography into my stories. Now high school feels like it was forever ago, and I have travelled all around Europe with companies such as as Contiki and Busabout, and independently around various locations in Indonesia, Japan and Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and domestically all over Australia, all whilst completing my university degree in Tourism Management from home (completed 2018!)

And now we are here! It’s 2022 and the world is now completely different to how it was before. Somehow the pandemic didn’t stop me from seeing more new places – whilst Sydney was in and out of lockdowns I was working in a backpackers hostel and taking in every sunset – whilst we couldn’t travel, I was surrounded by other travellers so it still felt somewhat similar. I took a road trip down the east cost, explored the Northern Territory, and then flew over to New Zealand. I worked there for 6months whilst NSW went properly into lockdown after a streak of 0 cases became a pipe-dream. I closely missed the delta-wave in Sydney, and then flew to the UK just in time for the Omicron wave. I explored London, Manchester, and then flew over to Germany where I travelled around for a month. Now covid has become much more normalised, particularly in the UK, so we’ll see how things go from here, and where I’ll go next!

A Little More;

Countries I have lived in: Australia, New Zealand, UK

Country I Dream of Visiting: Mexico

Favourite Country: New Zealand

Favourite Place Visited: Santorini, Greece

 Favourite Family Trip: Mount Buller, VIC

 Favourite National Park: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

 Favourite Bridge: Lions Gate Bridge

 Favourite Beach: Positano Beach, Amalfi Italy

Favourite Island: Ambon Islands, Indonesia

Favourite Cities: Santorini, Queenstown, Rome, Athens, New York City

Favourite Accommodation:

  • Hotels
    • The Fairmont Waterfront – Vancouver
    • The Hotel Beacon – New York City
    • The Shangri-La – Tokyo
    • Hoshinoya – Tokyo
    • Sanctoo Villas, Bali
    • Suites of the Gods Cave & Spa – Santorini, Greece
  • Hostels
    • Safestay, Athens
    • The RomeHello, Rome
    • Paradise Beach Club, Mykonos

Places I’d love to visit: Africa, Hawaii, Iceland, New Orleans, Mexico

Favourite Locals: Kiwis, Argentinians

Favourite Place for Food: Thailand, Japan, Italy

 Favourite mode of transportation: Flying with a window seat

Longest Transit: Cagliari > Rome > New Dehli > Sydney

Shortest Transit: Probably Sydney > Melbourne/Gold Coast

Favourite way to Travel: solo/budget/with a suitcase

 Do you like travelling alone? YES. I love the independence.

Contact: hollyosullivan7@gmail.com

Instagram: @holly_osullivan

Tiktok: @hollyos7

Random Facts;

 Favourite Ice Cream: Connoisseur Caramel Honey Macadamia

Favourite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Black Mirror, Teen Wolf, TVD, FRIENDS, Stranger Things, anything Marvel

Favourite Drink: Thai Milk Tea

Favourite Food: Thai Chicken Larb (but I’m vegetarian so I have it with fake chicken!), Greek Salad

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