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The top 10 experiences when exploring one of Italy’s finest…

1. Take a ride on a gondola

There is nothing more iconic than riding a gondola in Venice. Though overpriced, the city of Venice sets the official rates for gondola rides at €80 for 40 minutes for up to 6 people (so about €13 each). However the price, undoubtedly any other tourist will be willing to share a ride with you through the picturesque waterways and down the Grand Canal.

Note: prices increase after 7pm. 

Venice in Italy

2. Have an espresso in Piazza San Marco

Italian coffee is reeeeally good, and it’s worth having as much as pizza and pasta is. Italians invented the coffee culture. They weren’t the first to harvest, but they were the first in Europe to open a coffee house.

3. Walk the Rialto Bridge with a chilly gelato

The oldest bridge across the canal, Rialto Bridge is the most famous of those that cross the Grand Canal. Connecting the districts os San Polo and San Marco, there are plenty of gelato places nearby ready to offer you some of the most delicious tastes around.

4. Take in the panoramic views from St Mark’s Campanile

At almost 100m in height, the Campanile is the tallest building within the floating city. Though the view doesn’t include the winding canals below, it offers a superb panoramic view of endless terracotta rooftops, and the lagoon and Dolomites in the distance.

Venice in Italy

5. Don a mask at the Carnevale

Carnivale is the world’s largest and most famous masked party, and has been a Venetian tradition since the 18th century. If you happen to be in Venice around late January – early February then slipping on a mask for Venice Carnival is an unmissable opportunity.

6. Try some Venetian seafood at the colourful Burano Island

At a city that floats, it isn’t hard to imagine that the seafood is as fresh as it comes! And where better to dine on some of the Venetian delicacies than amongst the colourful houses of Burano Island?

The draw to Burano Island is its enchanting houses that reflect off of the canals, and also dons an amazing sunset. It’s the perfect place to visit.

Burano Island in Venice

7. Visit the famed Saint Mark’s Basilica 

This landmark cathedral is one of the most iconic within the city. It is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice and houses sacred relics from the 9th century. Inside it is covered in enough mosaics to keep you there for hours.

8. Sip on a Spritz by the waterside 

A Spritz is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy (Venice!). The aperitif contains prosecco wine, and a dash of bitter liqueur such as Aperol that gives it a vibrant orange colour.

Venice in Italy

9. See the Bridge of Sighs

Made of white limestone, the Bridge of Sighs hides a dark past. It connects the halls of the courts between de Duke Palce and the New Prison, and was essentially a corridor for criminals. It got its name the “Bridge of Sighs” as it was imagined that the criminals would sigh and complain as crossing it went directly to their cells.

Venice in Italy

10. Get lost

Getting lost in Venice is the ultimate bucket list thing to do in this Northeasterly Italian city. Getting lost lets you stroll through the un-tourist filled streets of this gorgeous city.

Thatraveller was welcomed to Venice thanks to Contiki Tours. 

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