The beginning of one of the greatest journeys of my life (so far) – in mid-September I took off to the UK and began my European Inspiration CONTIKI tour with 40 other amazing travellers from all around the world. I made friends for life, saw the world, and left with memories I’ll remember forever.  

11th September; Before I jetted off with British Airways, a group of my friends and I spent a sunny (but chilly) day down in Sydney’s Royal National Park exploring the cliffside and ocean views.

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16th & 17th September; Arriving a few days before my tour began, I used this time to get used to the time difference and explore London with my relatives in the area.

img_5200 img_5208img_5288 img_5367 img_5363 img_5356 img_5348 img_5299img_5341

18th September; The tour began. First stop – Amsterdam! But first, we make our way to the famed white Cliffs of Dover and get the ferry

img_5390 img_5394

19th September; Starting our day in Edam we got a glimpse into the real life Holland with cheese wheels, clogs and windmills – then we spent the afternoon strolling through the canals of Amsterdam

img_5423 img_5436 img_5442 img_5462 img_5544 img_5533 img_5580 img_5614 img_5624 img_5633

21st September; After a long day of driving, we were gifted a day in sunny Berlin, Germany.

img_5649 img_5730 img_5689 img_5671

23rd September; One of my favourite stops along the way, I didn’t realise how beautiful Prague was until I made my way to the top of the Astronomical Clock tower centred in the city…

img_5786 img_5836 img_5819 img_5809 img_5795 img_5779 img_5845

25th September; OKTOBERFEST in Munich!


27th September; Venice! My bucket list destination was as amazing as I expected it to be. Spending the day strolling around and dining on pizza, pasta and gelato we got the most that we could out of one day. The evening was spent in Burano, a small hidden beauty away from the city centre.   

img_5871 img_6081 img_6063 img_6029 img_6024 img_5905 img_5899 img_6061 img_6095 img_6107 img_6099 img_6097 img_6096 img_6129 img_6139 img_6192 img_6188 img_6170 img_6152 img_6146 img_6145

28th September; Rome! We arrived with time to spare so we made our way up to The Aventine Keyhole and strolled around the Colosseum.

img_6351 img_6302 img_6336img_6209 img_6225 img_6400 img_6454 img_6437 img_6433 img_6425

29th September; a very long day! We started by entering Vatican City and exploring the Sistine Chapel. With some free time we explored before meeting back for a tour of the Colosseum and then a few of my fellow amazing travellers and I splurged and made our way to a football match! Roma vs Astra Giurgiu, 4 nil. SUCCESS.

img_6507 img_6560 img_6542 img_6570 img_6620 img_6664 img_6670 img_6711

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