The calm before the storm, you could say? August was cold, dreary and I was sick for a sad majority of it – but next month I’m off to Europe, so my camera will be overflowing with images!

3rd August; Matt (from and I figured the best way to spend the cloudy weather was to go and find a waterfall. An early morning, a couple train rides and a fairly long drive, and then we were at Belmore Falls. Located a little inland from Wollongong, to get to Belmore Falls we had to jump a fence and scale a muddy hike to get to the cascades.

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Later in the day, we figured why not take a look at Bombo Quarry.

IMG_1913 IMG_1915 IMG_1922

6th August; My friend Jess and I decided we wanted to something more memorable with our weekend, so we splurged on some last-minute Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tickets!

IMG_2081 IMG_2138

10th August; My sister and I took to the bush and made our way to Manly Dam Waterfall

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(If you follow me on snapchat (hollyos7) or Instagram (@holly_osullivan) you would’ve seen my amazing month live as it happened!)

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