My first trip overseas trip this year…

April 6th; My friend Alex and I headed to the Blue Mountains for the night to explore some of my favourite spots…

img_7721 img_7710 img_7708 img_7748 img_7785 img_7796 img_7816 img_7858 img_7872

April 7th; We already knew what we wanted to do today – it was off to a waterfall!

img_7890 img_7909 img_7927 img_7924

April 13th; My first international trip of the year. To Larantuka in Flores, Indonesia!

img_8038-copy img_8047-copy img_8055-copy img_8101-copy

April 14th; We got up nice and early to watch the Easter Friday processions, Semana Santa

img_8133-copy img_8144-copy img_8174-copy img_8188-copy img_8222-copy img_8271-copy img_8277-copy img_8348-copy

April 15th; around Larantuka…

img_8418-copy img_8419-copy img_8424-copy img_8427-copy img_8430-copy img_8436-copy img_8444-copy image-copy

April 16th; Departing Larantuka, we made our way to Labuan Bajo

img_8548-copy img_8551-copy img_8571-copy img_8573-copy

April 17th; My favourite day of 2017 so far, we got up at 3:30am, napped on a liveaboard boat, and then watched the sunrise as we made our way into Komodo National Park for the day…

img_8581-copy img_8585-copy img_8619-copy img_8620-copy img_8630-copy

Our first stop was Palau Pada (or Padar Island), and we hiked up to the top despite the beaming sun…

img_8677-copyimg_8683-copyimg_8700-copy img_8708-copyimg_8716-copy img_8726-copy img_8780-copy

Then we made our way to Komodo Island to see the Dragons!

img_8844-copy img_8800-copy img_8858-copy img_8942-copy img_8996-copy img_9030-copy img_9064-copy

April 18th; We departed our hotel in Labuan Bajo and made our way back to Denpasar…

img_9189-copy img_9191-copy img_9195-copy

April 19th; Today I woke up to a very unique experience, I got to have breakfast with the Orangutans at Bali Zoo after staying in the stunning Sanctoo Villas in Ubud

img_9200-copy img_9216-copyimg_9247-copyimg_9283-copyimg_9290-copyimg_9308-copy

April 22nd; My last day in Bali, I made my way to Lembongan for the day…

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