April was quite a busy month.

While juggling uni and work I also travelled to Indonesia with a group of fellow journalists, youtubers and radio hosts, as well as attending a wedding in Melbourne and travelling around NSW with my family. Here’s my favourite pictures from April 2016.

3rd April; The groomsmen channel 007 – in Melbourne.


6th April; A very beautiful breakfast at Henri Marc in Penrith, NSW (right)
15th April; on my way home from my new office in Manly, NSW (left)


20th April; Today my Mum, my younger sister and I all drove out to the Blue Mountains, NSW to spend a few days exploring the sights. HydroMajestic High Tea

Blue-Mountains Blue-Mountains1

21st April; Checking out the 2016 Scenic Sculptures at Scenic World

017A6892 017A6830 017A6825 Blue-Mountains2

21st April; Lincoln’s Rock

Blue-Mountains3 Blue-Mountains4 Blue-Mountains5

21st April; Eagle Hawk Lookout


21st April; The view from Eagle Hawk Lookout (left)
21st April; Me on the edge at Lincoln’s Rock (right)


21st April; Govett’s Leap


20th April;
Me and my younger sister Mary play around with the camera at night (right)
21st April; Me at Govett’s Leap (left)


24th April; Today I began my week long journey around Indonesia. A week of 10 flights, 5 islands, hours on buses, early wake ups, plenty of Bintang, many new friends and amazing views above and below water (left)
25th April; Kids at Waruga Stone, a UNESCO World Heritage Sight (right)


25th April; Waruga Stone. Waruga are a type of sarcophagus or above ground tomb traditionally used by the Minahasans of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bodies are put in a position facing north, in a kneeling position.


25th April; The Hills of Love, this trek took 2435 steps.

Manado1 017A7609 017A7606

26th April; Sadly, I lost almost all of my footage from this day, but some beauties survived. This was taken at Bunaken Island where we hopped onto a boat and made our way to a popular diving spot to snorkel. We swam beside a large drop off (like in Finding Nemo) and saw colourful coral formations.

017A7728 017A7733 Bunaken 017A7745

26th April; Tangoko National Park, the only place in the world where you can see Black Macaque Monkeys.

Manado2 Manado3

27th April; Sunset in Palu and The TravelHuman

Palu Palu1 Palu2

25th April; Driving around Sulawesi (left)
27th April; A young boy was eager for a picture in Palu (right)


28th April; Tanjung Karang Beach in Palu


29th April; Namalatu Beach, Sahureka-reka dance – Latuhalat village

017A8102 Palu4 Palu5 Palu6 Palu7

29th April; Some Ambon students


29th April; Ambon War Cemetery

017A8316 Ambon Ambon1017A8323

29th April;
Hotel The Natsepa


29th April; After a long day we are gifted the afternoon off so Lostnorfound and I decided to rent a scooter and explored the island of Ambon, Indonesia. 10/10 experience, would do again. ‪#‎GoodFruit

13123316_994413290595042_5420838677911722770_oambon4017A8450 017A8459

30th April; Fort Duurstede, Saparua City

Saparua2 Saparua1 Saparua

30th April; We stumbled across a traditional market in Saparua City – would you try Durian?


And that’s it for April! It was a long one… What pic is your favourite?

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