If you saw how September went, those amazing journeys kept continuing into October. Driving around some of Europe’s most amazing countries with CONTIKI, once the tour ended I said goodbye to my new friends and stayed with my relatives all over the UK…

1st October; Our first day in Florence…

img_6720 img_6812img_6793 img_6790 img_6764

2nd October; On the way to one of my favourite destinations in the world, we took the scenic route Klausen Pass in Switzerland!

img_6905 img_6937 img_6925

3rd October; The beautiful Lucerne. We started our day at the top of Mount Rigi, and then watched the sun set as we cruise Lake Lucerne.

img_6953 img_6959 img_6957 img_6991 img_7004 img_7046 img_7062 img_7076 img_7105 img_7110 img_7111 img_7127 img_7147 img_7161 img_7185 img_7221 img_7225 img_7237 img_7240 img_7256 img_7258 img_7261

4th October; Paris by night!

img_7297 img_7314

5th October; Arc de Triomphe and Musee de Louvre…

img_7329 img_7343img_7362img_7375img_7391img_7404img_7405img_7414img_7454

9th October; The tour ended… But my relatives live in some beautiful places. Here’s Clee Hill on the way to Ludlow/Shropshire in the Midlands.


19th October; Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

img_7479 img_7483 img_7477 img_7475

21st October; Around Edinburgh…

img_7488 img_7505 img_7548 img_7551 img_7575

26th October; Manchester derby! ManU vs ManCity, 1:0.

img_5154 img_5160 img_5162 img_5183

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