Surely you’d think after almost two months in Europe I’d be back home relaxing, but nope – I bought some spontaneous flights to New Zealand and headed off for a South Island tour with Haka Tours. 

15th November; My first day in Christchurch, I started the morning gliding down the Avon River and then took in some street art.

img_7725 img_7730 img_7726img_7738

16th November; Today started off very early – it was a 3am wakeup for some hot air ballooning! With Ballooning Canterbury I took in the panoramic views of the Canterbury plains and then made my way to Castle Hill – known for its limestone rock formations and as a filming location for Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. Then I stopped at a waterfall at Arthur’s Pass before heading home.

img_7761 img_7778 img_7857 img_7916 img_7931 img_7932 img_7946 img_7908 img_7969 img_7981 img_7986 img_8000 img_8003 img_8032 img_8045 img_8060 img_8075 img_8105

17th November; Stepping into the Lord of the Rings! I jumped onto a Hassle Free tour of Edoras.

img_8130  img_8217img_8214 img_8212 img_8202 img_8196img_8193img_8191img_8156img_8137img_8229

18th November; My Haka Tour begins! starting in Christchurch and making our way to the beautiful Lake Tekapo

img_8255 img_8259 img_8261 img_8264 img_8325 img_8341 img_8347 img_8322 img_8335 img_8347

19th November; Lake Tekapo to Queenstown

img_8356 img_8358 img_8364 img_8387

Lake Pukaki with a view of Mt. Cook

img_8405 img_8412

Along the road…

img_8426 img_8431img_8459img_8463 img_8447

Queenstown Gondola

img_8487 img_8538 img_8531 img_8524 img_8505 img_8502 img_8497

20th November; Flying to Milford Sound for a cruise!

img_8572 img_8580 img_8585 img_8597 img_8603 img_8604 img_8679 img_8692 img_8702 img_8706 img_8709 img_8711 img_8715 img_8721 img_8730 img_8735 img_8736 img_8737 img_8835 img_8889 img_8912 img_8891 img_8947 img_9038 img_9053 img_9092 img_9101

21st November; Queenstown to Wanaka

img_9187 img_9175

22nd November; Wanaka to Franz Josef


That Wanaka Tree

img_9213 img_9214

Along the road…

img_9232 img_9235 img_9240 15156830_10154271422688198_1793261867192984250_o img_9241 img_9242 img_9248 img_9265 img_9270 img_9287 img_9301 img_9334

23rd November; Franz Josef

img_9350 img_9354

24th November; My Haka Tour has come to an end – and I’ve decided to head to Akaroa for the night to get up and close to some local animals.

img_9396 img_9409 img_9413 img_9418 img_9426 img_9466

30th November; And now I’ve flown up to the North Island! Today I walked around a crater in Rotorua…

img_9489 img_9491 img_9499 img_9503 img_9511 img_9505 img_9594 img_9602

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