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The world of colour as I know it has officially changed. I have never been somewhere so pristine in nature, and full of honest beauty. Here’s the images from my 3hour walk along the Oirase River…

The Oirase River (奥入瀬川 Oirase-gawa) is a river located in eastern Aomori prefecture, Japan. The Oirase River is the only river that streams water from Lake Towada and has a 14km trek alongside it. Visitors are able to hire bikes at Nenokuchi and Yakeyama and ride along the road beside it – or walk. There are multiple places that lead up to the road, so visitors are not forced to walk the entire 14km if they don’t want to. Most of the walk is flat, though some staircases are plotted along the way – for the entire trek you should allow about 5 hours.

Oirase stream is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Aomori Prefecture – particularly in the green season (autumn). Towards late October the leaves turn a crimson red colour.


“On the riverside, there is a rock cave. It has a legend that a beautiful female robber lived here and she mugged the travellers long ago”

img_4436 img_4450 img_4449 img_4481 img_4482 img_4438 img_4480 img_4490

Kumoi waterfall was across the road, but there was a small path that led up to its base.

img_4515 img_4523 img_4527 img_4536 img_4533

Then we continued.

img_4553 img_4571 12068775_886027144766991_6966618668089498134_o img_4612 img_4599
There were many places to stop and relax, though most were overgrown with moss…

img_4555 img_4583 img_4586 img_4590 img_4620 img_4622 img_4631 img_4649 img_4824 img_4652 img_4655 img_4656

The end of our journey was at the largest of the waterfalls – and the only one that fed off of the river itself – the other ones fed from snow on the mountains. Choshi Otaki Waterfall was the end of our journey.

img_4666 img_4672 img_4677

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