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In late 2015, me and two of my best friends flew down to Melbourne and spent a week cruising down the Great Ocean Road in a bright green Jucy van.

The weather sadly wasn’t on our side for a portion of the journey but we still saw some of Australia’s most beautiful spots, including the incredible 12 Apostles and Bell’s Beach (said to be one of Australia’s top 10 beaches).

Here’s some of the sights…

Great-Ocean-Road22 Great-Ocean-Road1 Great-Ocean-Road Great-Ocean-Road2 Great-Ocean-Road3 Great-Ocean-Road4 Great-Ocean-Road5 Great-Ocean-Road6 Great-Ocean-Road7 Great-Ocean-Road8 Great-Ocean-Road9 Great-Ocean-Road10 Great-Ocean-Road11 Great-Ocean-Road12 Great-Ocean-Road13Great-Ocean-Road14Great-Ocean-Road15 Great-Ocean-Road16 Great-Ocean-Road17 Great-Ocean-Road18 Great-Ocean-Road20Great-Ocean-Road19 Great-Ocean-Road21

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