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10 destinations you probably didn’t know were hidden in Indonesia…

1. Tangkoko National Rainforest, Sulawesi – home to the Black Crested Macaques

2. Piaynemo, Raja Ampat

3. The Hill of Love, Sulawesi

4. Ambon Island, Maluku

5. Saparua Island, Maluku – (the Spice Islands)

6. Vertical Coral Walls in Bunaken National Park, Sulawesi

7. Halong Bay Lookalike – near pencil rock in Raja Ampat

8. Doom Island – Raja Ampat’s original capital city

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I spy two green houses.

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9. Palu, Sulawesi

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Can we go back? #WonderfulIndonesia

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10. Waruga Stone, Sulawesi

Hidden Indo Treasures

What hidden treasures have you found in Indonesia?

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